IDO AGM 2023

IDO Ordinary General
Assembly Meeting 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark,

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IDO-Head office
Udsigten 3 | Slots Bjergby
4200 Slagelse | Denmark
Executive Secretary:
Mrs. Kirsten Dan Jensen

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20.06.2024 - 23.06.2024 Deadline: 20.05.2024


City: Chomutov
Street: Mostecká 5773
Hall: ROCKNET Arena
Country: Czechia

Tanecní klub Beethoven D.C., o.s. - Mgr. Eva Vlková


Chairman of Judges: Velibor Srdic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Supervisors: Kirsten Dan Jensen (Denmark)
Scruteneers: Tihomir Doric (Worldwide)

According IDO rules the following IDO-federations are appointed to send "IDO-official judges": Germany, Ukraine, Slovak Republic, Czechia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Serbia, Italy

All participating IDO-federations may send additionally "IDO-voluntary judges". In this case please contact the Chairperson of Judges and the Organizer at least 2 months before the event.

European Championship → Disco Dance → - → Solos female → Adults 1B
1 Hadkova, Veronika Czechia
2 Kobrcova, Sara Czechia
3 Krouzkova, Andrea Czechia
4 Vanova, Alena Czechia
5 Zuziakova, Nikola Czechia
6 Stejnarova, Alexandra Czechia
7 Machova, Monika Czechia
8 Pedersen, Michelle Patricia Denmark
9 Dahl-Nielsen, Rikke Denmark
10 Gaarde, Laura Bodin Denmark
11 Ravn, Cecilie Denmark
12 Pedersen, Nadia Denmark
13 Christensen, Cecilie Stærmose Denmark
14 Remontius, Sara Denmark
15 Carlslund-Nielsen, Lærke Denmark
16 Brædder, Maria Vendelbo Denmark
17 Palkoranta, Mette Finland
18 Virtanen, Ellen Finland
19 Palkoranta, Miisa Finland
20 Virtanen, Vilma Finland
21 Iarygina, Ekaterina Finland
22 Melnik, Iuliia Finland
23 Schmitz, Viktoria Germany
24 Trawny, Melina Germany
25 Böning, Lea Marie Germany
26 König, Kim Eileen Germany
27 Kaufmann, Isabelle Germany
28 Vehrenkamp , Phoebe Germany
29 Fruttauro, Elisa Italy
30 Lapi, Camilla Italy
31 Cioffi, Syrya Italy
32 Moggi, Greta Italy
33 Campaniello, Sara Italy
34 Barletta, Sara Italy
35 Costa, Ilenia Italy
36 Polina , Firanchuk Latvia
37 Nyrud Fonstad, Maren Norway
38 Berget, Thea Jarulf Norway
39 Hausken, Jian-Alicia Norway
40 Evenrud, Mira Norway
41 Borowiecka, Julia Poland
42 Radic, Aleksandra Serbia
43 HORVAT, ZIVA Slovenia
44 HLEBEC, EVA Slovenia
45 Axelsson, Tilda Sweden
46 Rosenqvist, Paulina Sweden
47 Kallander, Sigrid Sweden
48 Hjertberg, Kajsa Sweden
49 Jared, Ina Sweden
50 Palmer, Tindra Sweden
51 Medailleu, Emelie Sweden
52 Sandberg, Sofie Sweden
53 Abreu, Alice Sweden
54 Cedman, Vera Sweden

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The International Dance Organization IDO is a non profit World Dance- and Dancesport Federation consisting of over 90 member and contact nations.


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