May 1, 2014

XI. World dance OLYMPIAD 2014 in Moscow, Russia

Judges from USA and Serbia - Judy Ann Bassing and Miodrag Kastratovic

More than 20.000 dancers from 36 coutries are ready to compete in the wonderful complex of 5 halls in Sokolniki Park at the XI. IDO World Dance Olympiada in Moscow, Russia organized by the IDO-vice president Andrej Kokoulin and his stunning team.

All different age groups, dance styles and performances (show, jazz, oriental, street dances, couple dances...).

Real and impressing celebration of DANCE!

Best regards from this huge event from Hana Svehlova, IDO supervisor and IDO vice president



All judges are ready to work
at rehearsals
One of the world's best dancesport moderators: Sasha Chevgun
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