Nov 10, 2013

CDO - Czech Dance Organization - 20 Years of Wonderful Dancing! Happy Anniversary!

A number of different dance styles were present there: show dance, disco dance, hip hop, break dance, jazz, salsa...

The Czech IDO federation is one of the biggest and most successful national federations in IDO. Many great and successful trainers and choreographers came to Brno to celebrate 20th anniversary, including 3 from 4 Czech federation presidents: Jana Jancova (1st CMTO president - who was also very helpful for IDO to develop successfully into the "new IDO"), Jiri Hubeny and Mila Petrova (present CDO president).
CDO ! -  Czech Dance Organization! – We wish you many more great dancers and great performances, fun and success in the future!
Happy Birthday

Hana Svehlova

IDO Vice president

Jana Jancova - Jiri Hubeny - Mila Petrova
Hana Svehlova announces IDO's HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the CDO
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