Sep 16, 2014

IDO goes Africa - Zimbabwe

- By Kirsten Dan Jensen - IDO Executive Secretary and Ambassador for Africa

This is my report from “IDO goes Africa – Zimbabwe”. I arrived in Johannesburg early Thursday morning Graig Bullock from our member in Southafrica picked me up a Johannesburg Airport and we proceeded immediately for Zimbabwe.

In the Harare airport we were welcomed by two nice young guys, Taurai Fidelis Cmodokufa ( nick name Fungie )
and Tendai Guzha, they where driving us to the hotel where we had the first meeting. Tendai`s father was attending this first meeting when we made the arrangements for the next two days. On Friday morning we had 2 meetings with the Zimbabwe press (hier kommt der link rein) and made 2 official statements about dancing and IDO.

After the press conference we have been touring around Harare, the capital of Zimbawe.

Afterwards was a workshop by Graig with 15 kids and junior as beginners in hip hop and a fun dance.

Afterwards we had the IDO presentation by power with at least 35 person, adults dancers, parents and dance teachers in dance Studio M and M ( run by Fungie )
This presentation was a big success because both Graig and I could answer a lot of questions about IDO.

They all want to compete in IDO and to start with competitions in Zimbabwe. We informed them they should also join the “Battle of the Giants”, a truly successful competition in South Africa if Zimbabwe will become an “IDO contact” as a start, and I informed them about Nigeria as an “IDO contact” in Africa as well. They all could do competitions in Africa with the participating and growing numbers of IDO countries in Africa. IDO goes Africa!
After that presentation they all wanted to come member of IDO.
A very nice thing happened to me: 6 small kids approached me after the presentation and gave me such a big hug saying “Kirsten we want to compete in your organization, so they have the dancers”!

In the evening we meet again with Mr. Dave Gusha for a small chat and dinner at Tendai moms place afterwards.
Next day we started with the IDO presentation for around 20 people in the National Ballet theatre with questions mostly about the possibility to join IDO and work with SADTA closely.

After this second presentation there were some workshops and we could talk with the different people. We were lucky that the ballet people came during afternoon and we could also talk to them.

They were also interested in IDO. Hopefully they can be working together with the Hip Hop Guys many time.
We later had a nice talk with Mr. Dave Guzha decided to become the “IDO contact person” for Zimbabwe to help these young people to come into IDO. Both Fungie and Tendai had already taking an education in South Africa with Graig. So they are dance teachers.
Both workshop days where excellent. Graig did a great job with teaching basics of Hip Hop and House.

Thankfully he was an excellent support for IDO to inform everybody how good everything has been working in Southafrica.
End oft he story:

We now have Zimbabwe as a new IDO contact in Africa if the presidium will accept this, where I have no doubt about.

I see the trip as a good start for Africa to do competitions following IDO rules and to do national judges courses.

They are really in progress now and the country is very much like South Africa, and easy to receive visa. They can travel as well they told us they can get visa to Europe.

My big Tanks on behalf of IDO, to Tendai and Fungie, Graig and Bev and to our new contact Mr. Dave Guzha for a very successful and enjoyable stay in Africa

Kirsten Dan Jensen
IDO Ambassador for Africa

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