Sep 13, 2017

BILL FOWLER, JR. has passed away

In his youth Bill and his brother Danny performed as young dance stars in TV-Tap Dance Shows in the USA, as the “Fowler-Brothers”.

Later he was the owner and artistic director of the Fowler Dance Studios in Massachuusetts for 42 years. His school educated and trained numerous professional dancers, teachers and choreographers. Today former students are working on Broadway, in Dance Companies, Disney Land and World, Disney Tokyo, Video, TV, Cruise Lines, and most of all teaching.

Bill served in many important positions in the USA: Performing Arts Director of the National Dance Council of America, President of the North American Dance Championships.

As an author, he has written for Dance Teacher Now, Dance Teacher Trends and the NDCA Journal, and has published the only known book on judging, “The Judge’s Handbook, An Inside Look at Judging Performing Arts Competitions.”

For sure he was one of the most important people founding the “new IDO” about 20 years ago. Since 1998 he has been member of IDO Presidium – first as the Senior Vice President, later President and Honorary Lifetime President as well as Director of the Performing Arts Department and Chairman of the IDO Disciplinary Committee.

All these years Bill’s biggest issue was the understanding of nearly all dance disciplines in IDO. To develop them, ensure clear structures for competitions and judges and to grant the dancers fair and clear rules. Bill had always an open ear for the dancers’ worries and wishes – to make them better.
There is now doubt that without Bill Fowler IDO would not have achieved such a high level as a most important worldwide Dance Federation as our IDO is today.

Bill was judging throughout the USA, he has traveled the world judging, and has been invited to serve as Judge or Chairman of Judges in Africa, Australia, Asia, North and South America and nearly all European countries.

Bill was such a wonderful person – friendly, open-minded, listening to people, clear in his opinions and always willing to help and to share his great dance- and judging knowledge with others.

The world of dance has lost one of her most important person! Bill Fowler, jr!

The whole IDO – and I – will miss Bill Fowler so much!

Our deepest condolence to his husband Robert Planutis, his sister Linda Boretti, his sister-in-law Maureen Fowler, his nephew Scott Fowler and the family.

On behalf of the IDO-Presidium

Dr. Velibor Srdic, Kirsten Dan Jensen, Fiona Johnsen-Kocjancic, Bonnie Dyer, Dr. Hana Svehlova, Seamus Byrne, Dr. Klaus Höllbacher Andrej Kokoulin, Edilio Pagano


Michael Wendt


Hamburg, Germany September 13, 2017