The International Dance Organization (IDO), is a World Dance- and Dancesport Federation with a membership of over 90 nations, representing more than 250,000 dancers, from six continents.

Do you want to DANCE WITH THE BEST, and participate in the many Championship and World Cup events, then contact your National Federation for information on its qualifying events.


IDO World Championships for Disco a success!

The International Dance Organisation’s World Disco Dance and Disco Freestyle Championships 2017 described as very successful and impressive World Championships.

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The IDO Annual General Meeting / Annual Department Meetings (AGM/ADMs) 2017 in the MARE NOSTRUM HOTEL THALASSO in in Vravrona, Athens (Greece) start in two days.

The most important IDO-bodies come together to discuss and initiate many successful IDO developments and great projects. Among these also revealing the reason why “Athens” was decided to be the place for this year’s AGM, a city/country which is always related to the prestigious image “Olympia”.
IDO President Michael Wendt and his Presidium will inform the AGM/ADMs in the following 3 days about all issues to discuss and to decide about most dance important issues.
A first big THANK YOU to IDO-Hellas, Mr. Theodoros Tsaganos and Mrs. Niki Machaira (Athens), for preparing the details for the meetings 2017 and side events so nice and professionally. (photo left in front of the Acropolis)

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