Dec 15, 2014

14th World Danceweek in Mikolajki Poland - IDO World Championships Jazz dance, Modern, & Ballet-pointe

The great organizer, host and moderator Piotr Patlaszynski

1.835 dancers from 24 countriesa from all over the wonderful world of IDO competed for nearly a week for the prestigious IDO titles in Jazz dance, Modern and Ballet / Pointe in the famous Polish Resort Hotel Golebiewski in Mikolajki.

They competed on 3 different dance floors in the huge and very entertaining hotel, where the dancers could present their skills on highest levels but also enjoyed the aqualand, and other most entertaining features.

More than 30 IDO expert judges, all licensed, had the pleasure to see all the performances and the hard work to place them.

Thank you Piotr Patlaszinki and your wonderful team and partners for organizing and hosting this event for the 14th time!
We are now looking forward to the 15th, anniversary!
See you again next year in Mikolajki

Michael Wendt

The distinguished panel of expert IDO licensed judges
IDO Award to Adriana Patlaszynska - IDO
IDO Award to Zbigniew ST. Zasada