Nov 19, 2015

The IDO World Show- and Tap Dance Championships in Riesa 2015 will take place as scheduled

English translation of the official letter from the Lord Mayor of Riesa, Mr. Marco Müller and counter signed by the First Chief Police Commissioner Head of the Police Department in Riesa, Mr. Herman Braunger to the IDO-president:

Dear Mr. President,

regarding the current situation in Europe - also after having talked to the regional chief of Police - I can assure you, that there is no reason to worry Riesa will be threatened by attacks. As far as this concerns the situation in Riesa has not changed since the last years in and around Riesa

Because of the rather small seize of the City of Riesa and her geopolitically secondary role compared with other German or European Capitals there is no concrete or acute threat situation.

Regardless from this I have asked the Police to double-check the Security Concept and to show more presence in our City and the Arena.

Together with the Police we will do all we can to fully guarantee security.

As all the years Riesa is very much looking forward To the international guests and wonderful weeks of dance.

See you in Riesa!

With kind regards

Marco Müller
Lord Mayor of Riesa

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