Jan 28, 2015

11. Dutch Open 2015 - January 24./25. 2015 in Mill, The Netherlands

IDO’s very experienced organizer, Ton Greten, has already done this IDO-approved event as the 11th edition of the "Dutch Open" in the "Fitland - Mill" in Mill - The Netherlands.

Again the Dutch Open ran perfectly with a lot of enthusiasm, a big heart for the hiphop-dancers and professionality - in co-operation with IDO-Holland and his knoledgable team.

IDO supervisor was Kirsten Dan Jensen, from Denmark and the MCs Thomas Püttmann and Jenny Hull from Germany.- as well as Carsten Bischof from The Netherlands

DJ, Dan Castel provided the right groove, sound, mix and music for the competitions.

Many dancers use this event as opening of the year - especially because it does not have any qualification or championship stress - just dance and compete on international level among friends.

The dancers came form 8 nations:
Holland (57%) – Germany (24%) – United Kingdom (13%) – Belgium - Denmark – Sweden - Lithuania and Slovenia.

Carsten Rott - Germany