Apr 8, 2020


- Press Release 44/2020

The International Dance Organization’s Presidium meetings took place between the 1st and 5th April 2020. This year, due to COVID pandemic, the meetings are conducted via Zoom video conferencing portal.

The Presidium meetings are held prior to the IDO Annual General Meetings and Annual Departmental Meetings. This year’s AGM and ADMs are still to be determined. However, the Presidium are working hard to ensure that all systems are ready to go once the universal social lock-down is lifted.

IDO Vice-President and Sports Director Fiona Johnson confirmed the significant improvements with the IDO’s relation with other international sports associations. She also outlined the new IDO Gala format as well as the development of the Erasmus+ and many other projects.

On behalf of the IDO PR & Media Department, IDO Vice President Seamus Byrne confirmed the improvements given paid promotions including 365,000 followers on IDO website, 734,000 people on social media as well as 1.1 million people having visited and interacted on IDO Facebook.

Very important work has also been carried out in all other departments namely, Technical, New Ventures, Statistical, Archives and Competitions. The IDO Presidium Meetings will continue on the 5th May 2020.

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