Oct 21, 2017

IDO Meetings at World Street Dance Championships!

A series of meetings have taken place at the IDO World Hip Hop, Electric Boogie and Breakdance Championships that is currently taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The IDO Para Dance Committee met at the Championships and was chaired by Dmitriy Chernavskiy. At the meeting many important issues were discussed including the future work of the committee and competitions.The committee believe that dance is universal and inclusive to all, including those persons with disabilities. Therefore, it is envisaged that new rules, a judging system and plan for future events will be brought to IDO Presidium next year.

The IDO Dancers and Teachers Forums also took place and led by IDO Vice President Hana Svelhova.10 countries have taking part in the forums with lots of discussion ensued including the promotion of IDO and its Officials, promoting IDO livestream, audience attendance amongst others.

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