Jun 24, 2022


- Press Release 70/2022

The International Dance Organization’s Asia Conference and Dance Festival has started. The IDO Asia Conference was opened by Asia-Pacific Chairperson Aleena Tan (Singapore), Michael Wendt (Ambassador for Asia / Asia-Pacific), and Jae young Lee (South Korea, Coordinator) with delegations from Asian countries participating online.

Yesterday, VIPs visited Goyang CVB, the sponsor and host city, and were introduced to Goyang City. Today the IDO Asia Conference 19 delegates from 9 countries took part. Delegates spoke about their country’s situation post pandemic with an outlook of planned events. Information about upcoming events in the region was also part of the agenda including IDO events in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The IDO Judges Seminar also took place with 15 delegates from Hong Kong and South Korea taking part. Both activities are hybrid events, where people can attend face to face or online.

The IDO Licensed Event continues tomorrow! Good luck to the over 500 dancers taking part!

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