Aug 6, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 115/2021

The International Dance Organization Communications Department looks at the work produced by the Chairperson for The Americas, Bonnie Dyer.

During the last few months Mrs Dyer has been working hard on various projects including The Americas participation at the IDO Continental Conference and the Continent v Continent Competition. She is delighted that her original idea CvC, was embraced by the IDO Sports Department and CvC became a reality. She confirms that one of the most important outcomes of this online platform was that there are so many great dancers that cannot afford the high cost to attend an IDO World Championship. However, this competition gave these dancers and choreographers a chance to compete on a world platform for the first time. It was very exciting for the many new dancers.

Other projects include the Pan Am Games and the IDO World Dance Challenge. Mrs Dyer is supporting IDO Colombia, and IDO has been given permission to present itself via an IDO promotional video as well as a presentation to all in attendance. This is a perfect opportunity for IDO to be more visible throughout, North, Central and South America. Plans are also proceeding for the World Dance Challenge in IDO for 2022, and she encourages all national member organizations to send their dancers and officials to this extraordinary IDO event, in Monterrey, Mexico.

Mrs Dyer, is very active participating in IDO Presidium meetings, working in various IDO subcommittees and working on documents and rules that will enhance the Organizations offering.

Thank you Bonnie for all the work you do for IDO!

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