Jul 28, 2021


- PRESS RELEASE 111/2021

The International Dance Organization Communications Department looks at the work produced by the IDO Presidium. Today we focus on IDO Vice President for Archives, Statistics, Data Protection Manager and Couple Dance Director Director Dr Klaus Hoellbacher.

During the last few month various papers, material and footage has been received depicting the history of IDO. These have been found by different people in their folders and on their servers. Due to this new information and material, we have been able to fill a lot of gaps from the early days of the IDO. Dr Hoellbacher is confident we will find a lot more of old pictures, lists of competitors and judges, so we will have a good base of information of our history. With all this in our new archive we will be able to write our long history of competitions in different disciplines in a new light.

As Director of the Couple Dance Department and with the support of the Chairperson of the Latin and Caribbean Department Mr. Edilio Pagano we are now working with a new group of chairpersons for different parts of our department. Together with Theodoros Tsaganos responsible for Latin Style, Ilija Karadakoski for Latin Show, Michalina Podolska-Borecka for Caribbean Show, Barbara Marconi for Argentine Tango and Claudio Di Stazio for Salsa/Bachata/Merengue we are looking forward to a new age of the Couple Dance Disciplines. We are sure that we come out of the Corona pandemic better, stronger, and more focused for future years.

Thank you Klaus for all the work you do for IDO!

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance