May 18, 2021



The International Dance Organization will be organising its first ever IDO Online Dance Championships. This is a project led by IDO Vice-President and IDO Sports Director Fiona Johnson.

The IDO Continent v Continent Championships start this weekend from 21st to 23rd May 2021 as follows:

Performing Arts Eastern Championships to Friday, 21.05.2021

Performing Arts Southern Championships to Saturday, 22.05.2021

Performing Arts Western Championships to Sunday, 23.05.2021

The competition will be premiered on IDO Web TV and links can be found on the IDO website under calendar / competitions and will also be shared on all our social media portals.

IDO Vice-President Fiona Johnson said:

‘Due to new strict free livestream over FB or YouTube conditions, we have postponed the LIVE PREMIERE of the online competitions for this weekend, in this way we can at least try to have free streaming with minimum interruptions. IDO continues to work hard and strives for excellence in all areas. The IDO Web TV will be an extraordinary portal for all our members and the dance community at large.’

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance