May 17, 2021



IDO Malta is this week’s IDO National Member of the Week (NMO). The project is a marketing initiative led by the IDO Communications Department.

IDO Malta, or better known as ‘Malta Sports for All’ has been in existence for over two years. Despite been a relatively new IDO member memorable moments include attending the Latin Dance conference and cooperating with some countries to create a platform that will get more national dancers involved in this dance genre.

Despite the stresses created by Covid, IDO rises above this and is an organization that allows you to grow artistically and management wise. ‘I Love IDO’ is a truthful statement because IDO is the catalyst to create a new vision for dance in Malta. It allows us to venture and thanks to IDO we can continue to progress.

Anniversary message: Happy Anniversary IDO! I hope you will continue to grow and continue with this vision of openness and welcoming all dancers and disciplines!

Tune in to all IDO social media portals to view our IDO Member of the Week – IDO Malta!

This is a gift to all national members as IDO gears up to will see many IDO NMO’s featuring every week. The IDO Communications Department therefore asks all NMO’s to please send their videos so that we can present your country. All videos will be uploaded on IDO Web TV in due course.

#ILoveIDO #IDOWorldDance