Mar 19, 2021



IDO Committee Meetings have continued last week and will continue online throughout March and April. Here are small reports on the three meetings:

IDO Asia and Asia Pacific Conference – held on the 10th March 2021

The meeting was conducted by Chairperson Aleena Tan from Singapore and IDO Honorary Lifetime President and IDO Ambassador for Asia and Asia Pacific, Michael Wendt. 13 countries took part.

The meeting commenced with presentations by the National Member on how Covid pandemic has affected their countries and organizations. IDO President and Adjudication Director, Prof Dr Velibor Srdic presented the IDO Online Academy. Discussions also include the IDO Online Championships, IDO Webinar, future face to face competitions, future structure for the conference and new contacts, amongst other issues. The next Conference is scheduled for May 2021.

Organizers of 2021 IDO Events – held on the 10th March 2021

The meeting was conducted by IDO Sports Director Fiona Johnson. It proved to be a very fruitful meeting with all the Organizers that with all their heart, are willing to organize an IDO Championship and Licensed events this year.

National policy, travel restrictions, estimate of possible dancers taking part, was some of the items forming part of the agenda and discussions. IDO is very much grateful for the enthusiasm and good inputs from all the attendees.

IDO is looking forward to commencing its face-to-face competition programme as soon as Covid restrictions allow for it.

Please visit the IDO website and check out all the upcoming committee meetings and please register via your IDO NMO.

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