Mar 15, 2021



The IDO Adjudication Lecture Series in February and March have proved to be very positive and a success. The project is led by the IDO Adjudication and Education Department.

The IDO Adjudicator Refresher Seminars for February and March have seen lectures in Street Dance Show, Lyrical Jazz, Caribbean Show, Salsa, Disco Show, Ballet, Disco Dance, Argentine Tango, Belly Dance, Oriental, Disco Fox, Modern & Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop. 17 top lectures have conducted the sessions with 1047 attendees receiving their certificate of participation. The attendees are from 45 countries and 6 continents.

IDO President (Ag) Prof. Dr. Velibor Srdic said:

‘7 weeks of Online Adjudication Seminars have taken place since we commenced the project in January 2021. Over 1510 attendees have participated throughout the 7 weeks and I take this opportunity to thank all the amazing lectures for an amazing job.

This was a unique opportunity for all of us to be more familiar with each other, summarize the different IDO rules and exchange expert opinion as never seen before. The Adjudication Committee will continue with online lectures but in different format and with new lecturers from April and on. We are very proud on our judges and experts as this shows how big IDO is.’

All lectures have been conducted via Zoom and now available on the IDO Dance Academy platform.

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