Nov 16, 2020


- Press Release 133/2020

If anything can be said about this years Gala is simply EXTRAORDINARY! Extraordinary for its resounding success, extraordinary for the circumstances they have been organised in and extraordinary for the superb event, with thousands of viewers from around the world been able to follow the Gala through our IDO online platforms.

The 6th edition of the IDO World Gala Event ‘Best of the Best’ was accessible on, IDO YouTube and IDO Facebook. IDO Vice President and Sports Director, Fiona Johnson led on this exceptional platform.

2019 IDO World Champions Behind the Wall from Slovenia took the top award, the BILL FOWLER CUP. Second place was awarded to Routine and third place to In My Shoes all from Slovenia. The renowned choreographer for the three top awards is Matevz Cesen.

IDO President Michael Wendt said:

‘On behalf of IDO let me congratulate the PR team from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Gibraltar for the unforgettable and most exciting IDO Gala World Event. It was an exciting and most entertaining event, with IDO's jewels from 2019: excellent dance performances – the best of the best in our successful IDO!

As IDO-President I am proud of you having created such extraordinary IDO-event – virtually and online. The IDO Gala World Event has brought the whole IDO family close together for 2 hours. Let me thank you for this idea and the excellent implementation!

I also want to thank our IDO-members who have participated in such a friendly, positive and professional way by giving their votes from all over the world of IDO-dance! And last, but not least, let me congratulate the participating dancers, groups and formations for their outstanding performances. It is the reason of such events that we are looking for the winners. But in my eyes, you all were winners, belonging to IDO's best of the best. We are all proud of you all.

Congratulations also to the Dancesport Federation of Slovenia (DSFS) and the outrageous dancers, technical skills and most entertaining choreographies on highest levels. Let me also congratulate Matevz Cesen personally for having his great choreographies to the top of the best.’

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