Jul 16, 2017

IDO European Para Dance Chairman in Rimini, Italy

The IDO European Para Dance Chairman, Miodrag Kastratovic, is in Rimini, Italy at the invitation of the Italian Dance Sport Federation, FIDS. FIDS are currently organising their national championships in this beautiful area of Italy, and are promoting Para Dance as a backbone to their national federation.

The IDO European Chairman for Para Dance, Miodrag Kastratovic, said:

I am delighted to have accepted an invitation from FIDS, who have been promoting Para Dance in their country. What FIDS are doing is great way to promote art and promote dance as an inclusive sport for all.

The National Championships have allowed for various dancers, in several disciplines compete in such a great platform. I take this opportunity to thank FIDS, its President Michaele Barbone, Vice President Edilo Pagano, Bounarivo Michelangelo, Valentina Sarappa and Ivo Cabiddu for a fabulous job!

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