Apr 12, 2017

Calling on IDO Hip Hop experts to work in China!

The IDO President and Ambassador for Asia and Asia Pacific, Michael Wendt, has been asked by the Chinese Dance Organisation, for the possibility of having IDO Hip Hop teachers, choreographers and professionals to teach in China.

The IDO is inviting applications to work in China in this street dance division. Applications should be sent with the following information:

- Full Name

- Email address and contacts

- Credentials and CV

- Stunning photo

- Video footage of the applicant where possible

The successful applicants(s) would be required to teach in China in August 2017. Teaching would include workshop dedicated to all their teachers and master classes for dancers of all ages and abilities. The successful applicant, will be promotion the IDO in China and therefore, will be to be acquainted with IDO Hip Hop rules, IDO competitions and IDO tradition.

Applications should be sent in writing to the IDO President on email: president@ido-dance.com with the closing date for applications being the 19th April 2017. After the closing date, all proceedings will be handled by IDO China, who in turn will contact the applicants with contract details, conditions, timeframes, etc.

The IDO looks forward to as many of its Hip Hop experts as possible, to apply and be part of this project.

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