Nov 20, 2013

XX Open Polish Championship Freestyle 2013 in Twardogora, Poland

The great and knolegdable Moderators were Piotr Patlaszynski and Monika Luszcz.

All finalist received nice big medals from last places and every dancer from each small group, formation and production in the finales.

The event was perfectly organized - all competitions ran in time - and ended at 8:00 pm.

It was very nice friendly atmosphere. A good reputation for the IDO family. The IDO judges were : Edilio Pagano and Mariia Elena Mangicarne (Italy), Lenka Krcova (Czech Republic), Eugeny Maslovaty (Belarus) and the national judges from both Polish organizations.

My last statement: Thank you to the professional Organizing team and Zbigniew Zasada, excellent IDO and polish judges, high level of dancers, even there were new Polish dance clubsto join.

Irena Bous’ - IDO Supervisor from the Ukraine

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