Jan 13, 2016

IDO meets Bangladesh

On Jan. 11 - and during his stay in India - the IDO president Michael Wendt met with the very nice and professional dance representatives from Dhaka, Bangladesh at the Sheraton New Delhi in India. After several contacts by email since more than a year the IDO president and the new friends from Bangladesh could meet in person. Mr Wendt has introduced IDO and the upcoming IDO-events in Asia / Asia Pacific and didscussed IDO and Bangladesh colaboration and tje development of IDO dances in this country.

The M.R.M Production House is doing great cultural dances and mainly HipHop on the competitive level already.
At the end of the meeting IDO-Bangladesh applied orally to become IDO Probationary Member in the Streetdance Department for Bangladesh. The IDO President promised to forward this application to the next Presidium Meeting and later to the AGM.

Following the project "IDO goes Asia / Asia-Pacific" IDO for sure will have a great new member soon! Welcome Bangladesh in the wonderful world of IDO!

Meeting partners
Muhammad Faizan CEO
Mehedi Hasan (partner)
M.R.M. Production House &
Dance Coachng Center

Michael Wendt IDO president and IDO Ambassador for Asia / Asia-Pacific
Christa Wendt