Dec 5, 2016

IDO World Tap Dance Championships 2016 a Success!

The International Dance Organisation is delighted with the outcome of the recent IDO World Tap Dance Championships for 2016 that was organised in Riesa, Germany.

United States of America took 6 gold medals, whilst Czech Republic and United Kingdom took 3 gold medals each. Italy and Ukraine won 2 gold medals each with Australia, Croatia, Germany Russia and Switzerland winning one gold respectively.

A great initiative, to celebrate the 20 years of World Tap in Riesa in November 2017, Nancy Chippendale together with the IDO Tap Committee created a concept for all dancers to bring a personalised tile. The tiles will now be placed at the VIP entrance of the Sachsen Arena.

The IDO Championships that have run for two weeks have been spectacular, and described as an outstanding success. The event was organised by FVG Riesa and IDO President Michael Wendt. 3,255 dancers from 27 nations and 5 continents took part in the 20 years of IDO in Riesa celebrations.

For photos of this prestigious Championships follow us on IDO Facebook, IDO Twitter and IDO Instagram. For videos visit the IDO YouTube Channel. All photos courtesy of Tony Maher,

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