Dec 1, 2016


The International Dance Organisation’s President Michael Wendt has been rewarded by the IDO Presidium for his perseverance and dedication to IDO and his 20 years of organising IDO Championships in the German sports city of Riesa.

IDO Senior Vice-President Dr Velibor Srdic, congratulated Christa and Michael on behalf of the IDO family, and wished them another 20 years of success in Riesa. Dr Srdic added:

‘The IDO recognises the invaluable contribution Michael Wendt and his wife Christa have dedicated for over two decades to supporting Riesa, the IDO, its national member originisations as well as all the young people that have graced this international stage.’

For 20 years Mr Wendt, has being at the helm of IDO events organising and it was in 1997 that saw the first ever events in Riesa for Show Dance. In November 1997, approximately 700 dancers took part. The Championships has now grown in its thousands, with this year’s Dance Olympics seeing over 3,200 dancers taking part over the two weeks Championships.

The IDO Presidium thanked Michael and Christa Wendt for their energy and enthusiasm that has only served promote the world governing body. Michael and Christa also received many congratulatory messages and awards from other National Member Organisations at the Mayor of Riesa’s Gala reception.

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